What People Say

“Mo, Thank you for all you have brought to the table to produce incredible events…most importantly for your commitment to help people live extraordinary lives.”

Christopher Howard
Professional Speaker, Lifestyle and Wealth Strategist

“As an Audio Visual Consultant, Mo Latin has a natural gift for providing creative ideas and solutions for anyone in the business of wanting to raise their profile through audio & video products, audio & video marketing and seminar production. Whatever your business, he can show you how to capture your knowledge in all the ways that have become common place for people to learn – mp3, CD’s, DVDs, online media and I-pods!

The business potential is huge.

From a practical perspective, his skills at setting up, coordinating and recording events, broadcasts and workshops are awesome. This is reflected by his growing client base of events organisers and professional speakers.

A consultancy session with Mo has the potential to make you a great deal of money.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Professional Speaker & Entrepreneur

Find out how to work personally with Mo to maximise your business potential through audio/video products and marketing

​Keith Cunningham

Johnnie Cass
International Trainer & Professional Speaker

Johnnie Ball
Professional Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Mike Withey
The London Property Network

Dave Austin
PT Business Bootcamp

Yvette Nevrlka
PT Business Gym

Scott Hodson
Optimum Fitness Software

Tim Fearon
The Extraordinary Coaching Company

“If you ever need to make your seminars come to life and turn them into a tradable product, you MUST connect with Mo.

His passion for AV and the internet marketing field are equally matched by his wizardry skills.

He will go above and beyond to deliver, without question.

Thanks for everything Mo.”

Michael Clark

“I first met Mo at a seminar event where he was doing all the ‘technical stuff’ for AV production .

At the time it all went over my head but now having effectively utilised audio in my own business I know how important his knowledge is.

Mo has the expertise to take your ideas and concepts and turn them into high profit, the bottom line at the end of the day.

His products and consultancy services provide solutions to setting up your automated online business systems to sell those products.

He is a great guy and has become a good friend who is always there for any questions.

I can’t speak highly enough of him and his dedication to his business”

Rob Moore

“Mo has done nothing but deliver a premium quality AV service from the day I met him.

I have also got some incredibly valuable techniques from him that I will be using this day forward to dramatically increase my sales in helping to sell my products online.

It is reassuring to know that there are professionals out there that genuinely care about the success of their clients in their clients ventures as well as their own and I can safely say that Mo is one of these rare individuals.

Brilliant service, vast amount of knowledge, caring, honest and a guaranteed guide down the road to success. Above all else an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Ben Nash
Bells Beach
Jan Juc

“Mo is definitely your man if you want anything done with Audio online or off-line.

He showed a whole group of us how to record and edit our own audio material, and he made it so easy for us that I managed to create my first recording in a matter of minutes.


Steve “Wealth Creator” Oxlade

“Thanks for this Mo – you are the first person EVER to tell me in simple terms, exactly what I need by way of equipment to do audio’s!!”

Ann Andrews

“Your ebooks are clear, easy to follow and professional”

Brigitte Sumner

Author of ‘Give Him Back His Balls’

“When we first started developing a series of audio products for our business I knew very little about how to record high grade audio productions, however after reading Mo’s “How To Digitally Record Anything, Anywhere Anytime…Quickly, Easily and at Low-cost” it saved me so much time, money and pain in understanding the fundamentals and advanced concepts of audio recording and digital products editing from a true pro.

What’s more is having spent many years working in the audio/production field Mo was able to share important and inexpensive or free tweaks and tools that made a massive difference in allowing anyone be able to quickly and effortlessly make their own high grade audio productions. As a result of what I learnt we have been able to produce several audio products at a fraction of the cost and time that it would of taken to have a professional recording engineer develop our programs.

Thanks again Mo, your products provide massive value to savvy entrepreneurs everywhere”

Tom O’Connor, London, UK

“Hi Mo

Just used your book and done my first recording and editing ready to an audio for my websites. Very pleased with how easy it and fun it is.”

Maureen Laurence

“I’ve seen Mo working at a number of events and he’s been very helpful with advice on audio for me, whenever I’ve asked him any questions.

The first person I’d turn to regarding audio, especially live or over the internet.

Highly Recommended!”

‘Sales Training UK’ Andy Preston

“Mo is an amazing guy, and someone I am really lucky to know.

He is a real expert when it comes to audio – but much more than that he is a very generous, caring, warm and friendly guy who believes in making a difference and really walks his talk.

I have been fortunate to work alongside him – and I’d have him in my team any day!

You will gain much more than you expect when you connect with Mo.”

Christine Clacey

“Mo’s demonstration on how to create your own audio products at the Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation Seminar was fantastic.

He showed me how simple it is these days to be able to ‘do it yourself’ and that you don’t have to be an expert in sound engineering in order to create quality audio.

It’s great to have all this technology at our fingertips but without the people to show you how it’s all pretty pointless.

Thanks Mo for giving me the belief that I can do it on my own.”

Tina Andretta

“I came across Mo at an internet marketing event and he really knows his stuff.

As a result of watching him demonstrate how easy it is to create audio using audacity I was able to go home and use audacity in a way that I had struggled with before.

Mo’s also one of those givers in life that are worth knowing, and he has an awesome record collection!”

Diane (Discovering Greatness) Corriette

“Dear Mo

I am writing this to let you know how fantastic your book ‘How to Digitally Record Almost Anything’ is.

I wanted to record interviews with people and produce them to sell on my website but had no knowledge as to how to do this. I purchased your book wondering if a technical person would be able to explain things to a way a novice with no experience would understand.

I had never recorded anything on my computer and had no real idea of how to begin. I found your book packed full of unbelievably useful information, written in uncomplicated a way that made it easy for me to understand. The diagrams were very straightforward and simple to follow and I had no problems grasping the concepts that you dealt with.

This book shows you how to do it all, in an easy to understand format but although it is simple it is never written in way that makes you feel stupid or ignorant. I have followed Mo’s instructions and they work.

I am now on my way to recording interviews with people to add another item to my website and make more sales and thus a higher income.

Again thanks.”

Maureen Lawrence

“Hi Mo.

I needed to record a series of telephone conversations starting on Thursday. I go into your e-book and there in the index is exactly what I’m looking for as well as additional features and very helpful tips on how and where to install the necessary software.

It was all presented in an idiot proof fashion (which is just as well for me!!) and within 5 mins I am ready to rock and roll.

Thank you so much for this very useful information booklet.”

Simon Gee

“Thanks for the fantastic audio presentation – I can’t wait to use Audacity!”

Shelagh Gregson

“I love this eBook Mo. Thank you for this gift!”

Jenny Black

“I have known Mo for sometime now and I am truly inspired with his many gifts.

He is a very warm, modest and caring man. He is always ready to help when you ask for it. He loves to make a difference to peoples lives.

I am glad to be part of his network and wish my buddy Mo every success”

Robert (WoW) De Souza
Smart Zone Educational Projects

“Hi Mo,
What a fantastic seminar – your audio info bit really got me excited about the possiblities.

Many thanks.”

Mark France
Thornton Heath
South London