International Speakers, Events Companies & Clients

Below are some of the world’s top speakers, presenters, coaches, trainers & entrepreneurs… all of whom I’ve had the privilege of working in some way with since 2005 (and I’ve been in professional media production since 1992).

  • Producing their seminars, workshops and events
  • Advising on event production, equipment and product creation
  • Recording and filming those events for products & marketing material
  • Recording, editing and producing interviews
  • Presenting on audio, video and product creation at workshops and seminars

If you want to deliver YOUR message to a bigger audience, through live events, audio and video products or online media to make a greater impact & make more money doing what you love, then Contact me today.


  • London Property Network
  • Dean Myers
  • Christine Commerford
  • Dean Hynes
  • Mark Rowland
  • Terianne Palmer
  • Teresa Hale