Your Video Assignment

If you want to create simple videos every week (or every day) for your clients and community (e.g. for your YouTube channel and for Facebook), then here is a simple assignment to get you creating good content quickly, easily and in a way that you can improve what you do every single time.

Here’s how:

Pick just one thing a day you can give as a free video tip:

  • identify one specific problem you know your clients have that you can describe in three simple sentences
  • write out your brief ‘to the point’, simple action steps solution
  • list 3 clear benefits of your solution to the viewer that will make a difference in their lives
  • refine it down to a short, sharp 1 minute piece
  • deliver it to camera
  • start and end the video with: your name, your website (and maybe a clear tagline if you have one)

You have 15 mins max to write it out, refine it, practice it twice and deliver it to camera.

Every video must be framed in your mind with ‘the benefit to you (the viewer) is…’a..b..c…

i.e. ‘In this video you will learn, discover, find out how to overcome/solve/prevent… x… y… z…

‘Here’s what you need to do…




Create one video a day for the next week.

Here’s the thing…

Forget about getting it perfectjust do it!

Some will come out great… some may not be so great… but the practice and commitment will get you better results every time.

  • quicker video production
  • faster ‘1 minute tip’ ideas
  • speedier camera set up times
  • more confidence in delivering to camera
  • faster completion of your video process

In fact, if you really want to make this fast, easy and super efficient, do your enitre weeks’ videos in one day.

Once your camera (and mic) is all set up, with a litle practice it can be easy to do 5 x one minute videos in 60-90 mins from concept to completion.

Get into a flow with this and simplify your system so it works in a way that makes it easy for you to record your ideas, tips and insights quickly and easily to get them out to the world and make a real difference.