The ‘AV Audit’

What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Most people I talk to about business have no idea how much potential there is for making money on autopilot with audio and video in their business right now.

After a quick chat about their business I invariably come up with at least 10 ways of creating audio & video products quickly and easily in their normal working day, whatever business they are in.

This applies to you too.

And many switched on business leaders and companies are getting ahead of their competition by investing in powerful, effective and profitable video marketing and online systems to sell and deliver their products and services worldwide.

This could be you.

More and more business and individuals are realising the importance of audio and especially video in staying ahead of the crowd.

Is this you?

Just about everyone massively overestimates the time, cost and difficulty in using audio and video in any way.

The technology and systems available now mean it is SO easy to create your own videos, record your own audios, upload to your websites and sell them online… it is still amazing how many people are still letting this growing opportunity pass them by…

The ‘AV Audit’ is simply a way to look at all the opportunities you have right now to use and improve the way you and your clients benefit from the true potential of audio and video – starting today.

I Will Help You See

    • Why audio and especially video will make a massive difference to your profits
    • What your are missing out on and how fast and easy we can fix that
    • What a low investment and ongoing effortless high return there is for you
    • How to research your market with av and make a product at the same time
    • How you could easily make products in your normal working day
    • How easily you could use video for marketing
    • What potential ongoing av income streams there are for your specific business

      I am even doing my own ‘AV Audit’ on my business right now, because for the last few years my focus has been on live events and although I have a number of products already available, I know I haven’t even began to leverage to huge potential of turning what I do into an extensive product range, automated services and online AV marketing machine!

      But now the time has come…

      Your Audio & Video Opportunities:

      • What is the true potential for product development from your established knowledge base and skill sets?
      • Where are you already delivering high value content ripe for product harvesting?
      • What AV market needs and opportunities are you missing out on right now?
      • How could you automate and leverage your marketing with AV?
      • What could you do with AV to get ahead of your competition?
      • What could you do right now to leverage low cost simple technology and get fast results?

      What Does The ‘AV Audit’ Include?

      • Pre Session Questionnaire
      • 1-2-1 call with me
      • Recording of your call
      • ‘Your AV Opportunities Report and Action Plan’

      Book Your ‘AV Audit Now

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      What People say…

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      “As an Audio Visual Consultant, Mo Latin has a natural gift for providing creative ideas and solutions for anyone in the business of wanting to raise their profile through audio & video products, audio & video marketing and seminar production. Whatever your business, he can show you how to capture your knowledge in all the ways that have become common place for people to learn – mp3, CD’s, DVDs, online media and I-pods!

      The business potential is huge.

      From a practical perspective, his skills at setting up, coordinating and recording events, broadcasts and workshops are awesome. This is reflected by his growing client base of events organisers and professional speakers.

      A consultancy session with Mo has the potential to make you a great deal of money.

      I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

      Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

      Professional Speaker & Entrepreneur

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      “Mo has done nothing but deliver a premium quality AV service from the day I met him.

      I have also got some incredibly valuable techniques from him that I will be using this day forward to dramatically increase my sales in helping to sell my products online.

      It is reassuring to know that there are professionals out there that genuinely care about the success of their clients in their clients ventures as well as their own and I can safely say that Mo is one of these rare individuals.

      Brilliant service, vast amount of knowledge, caring, honest and a guaranteed guide down the road to success. Above all else an absolute pleasure to work with.”

      Ben Nash
      Bells Beach
      Jan Juc