Coaching | Consulting | Mentoring

First of all, some definitions…


If you have an idea or project with specific outcomes and you want an experienced professional to answer some in depth questions, help you get clear and together plan out a clear detailed strategy to get you results, then you want a consultant.


When I first started ‘coaching’ people on product creation, I was surprised to find that over and over again, most of my time was spent helping my clients get out of their own way! I spent very little time, less than 10%, helping people with technical issues, and most of the time helping them around their own psychological blocks and habits that prevented them doing what they needed to do to make it happen!

My very thorough coaching training came in very handy!

‘Coaching’ is essentially asking great questions to help you find the right answers.

Now I know that may seem strange to some, but coaching is about empowering someone to find their own way, now, and in the future… It’s not about someone telling you what to do…

I will coach you to help you get clear on your outcomes. To get you clear on what it is exactly that you want to achieve, what your current blocks are and how you can get to where you want to be from your current situation.


A Mentor is someone who has done it before telling you what to do and how to do it simply because they

  • have been there and done it all before
  • know the pitfalls to avoid
  • know the shortcuts to take
  • have the connections
  • have the resources

Working With Me

I use a combination of all of the above to get you results. I believe in doing whatever it takes, and I will do that to ensure you get what you pay me for.

I do not guarantee your success. It is up to you to take the action you need to ensure you get your outcomes, including using me fully as a resource, a sounding board a coach, consultant and mentor and an experienced professional in audio and video product creation, event production, and internet marketing.

I do guarantee I will give you everything I have to help you succeed.

All my knowledge, skills and experience are at your disposal, as are my contacts and comprehensive range of products and services, working with the nest in their field.

My outcome is to have raving fan success stories, people and companies who are creating  business, results, finances and lifestyle way beyond what was thought possible just a few weeks before.

What outcome are you committed to?