‘Your Life Your Legacy’ with Roger Hamilton

This was quite an event to co-ordinate and produce… to create and deliver a top of the line show within a very limited budget for what was required.

It was the World Premiere of Roger Hamilton’s ‘Your Life Your Legacy’ Event at Alexandra Palace, London 2008.

As well as the fact this was a brand new event no one had seen before…and the logistics of co-ordinating audio and video cues with Roger’s delivery from stage together with the movement of hundreds of people in seperate teams into different segments of the room for the games, exercises and competitions of the event…

We also had a potentially disastrous global link up of several speakers calling in from all around the world…all speaking with a live panel on stage and the audience who were asking questions… all being broadcast through the sound system live in the room…while the whole thing was being filmed for promotional and potentially product material…

And somehow we made it all work without a hitch!

It was a truly proud moment I shared with Triumphant Events Director Glen Carlson when we looked across the room from the production stage in mid global broadcast to see and hear everything running smoothly just as planned.

A very big thank you to Sandra Shuttleworth and the tech and camera crews for pulling this all together.

Another Truly Triumphant Event!

The view from ‘my office’ at Roger Hamilton’s ‘Your Life Your Legacy’ event at Alexandra Palace, promoted by Triumphant Events.