Dr John Demartini with Triumphant Events

I didn’t register this man’s true genius when I first saw him in the movie ‘The Secret’.

It was only when I had the privilege of working with him at ‘Akasha‘ 2007 that I really began to see how much this truly inspiring man had to offer the world…as my brain went into melt down listening for two hours to his relentless, speedy and entertaining delivery on Universal Law…all while doing my best to absorb what he was saying…and run production for the event!

Click here for access to the event recordings of his presentation.

Since that day whilst producing events for Triumphant Events UK, I have been truly privileged to have worked with John  many times and sat for hours to be inspired, challenged and refreshed by his insights and words of wisdom.

Below you will find a few video clips from the Triumphant Events video archives…


Dr John Demartini – Memory & Imagination is a lie!

Dr John Demartini – Values… The Driving Force of Fortune

Dr John Demartini – The Value of Money

Dr John Demartini – Book of Wealth