Slick Marketing Videos

Every week we see more and more ‘slick’ marketing videos online..and people often ask me…

How do I create videos like that…what camera…microphone…software do I need… and how much does it all cost?

Video production can be broken down into various components, and as James Schramko has clearly shown in one of his products on internet marketing….  It’s Not About The Website…’ (or in this case…the camera).

This is what I learned after 20 years in the music industry.

Some of the biggest hits and greatest sounding songs were created in a home studio on $5000 worth of crappy old second-hand equipment (which is nothing is studio terms) by someone who ‘didn’t know what they were doing’…. and at the same time musicians and producers who have million-dollar studios create songs that don’t even touch the charts…

The same applies in making video…up to a point.

The end result you get from a $5000 camera can be little different to a high-definition pocket camera like a Flip or Kodak Zi8.

It’s not about the camera – it’s about how you use it.

A great chef can cook an outstanding meal on a camping stove…

The power in most ‘high end’ marketing videos is not really from the high-quality video production, although that does add to the end result.

The real power is from the ‘storyboard’ – how it has all been put together.

– the content / script

– the ‘story’: the metaphors used to pull you in, the presenters’ own story and the carefully crafted message and thread throughout….

– the way the scenes have been constructed

I would highly recommend analysing any ‘slick’ marketing video scene by scene

–          How has the scene been set in the opening frame?

–          What is the pace and energy the music is creating?

–          What is the pace from one shot to the next…the ‘pans’ (moving left to right or right to left)… when does it zoom in or zoom out and what effect does that have on you?

–          When does the music stop and what happens in the script and dynamics of the presentation at that point?

–          How does the presenter cut from ‘talking head’ to other shots and then back to the talking head.

–         How is the ‘script crafted and is it authentically presented?

None of this has anything to do with the camera or any other potentially expensive kit.

Look at your chosen marketing video again, witness yourself viewing the movie and observe how you feel depending on what happens on screen, what she says, how she says it and how each scene is presented piece by piece.

Take note of every change in scene, sound, language, framing etc and ‘storyboard’ your own videos in the same way.