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‘Akasha’ at the London Palladium

AKASHA 2007 transformed the personal development industry when, for the first time, the iconic West End London Palladium theatre played host to four of the worlds leading speakers – Bob Proctor, John Demartini, Roger Hamilton and Getrude Matshe.

It was also a hugely challenging event to produce, with a great deal to co-ordinate ahead of the event, and what was a ridiculously short set up time from 5.30am until doors opened just a little later than planned at around 9am that Sunday morning…

The Triumphant front of house team were literally holding back the crowds from bursting into the packed world famous London theatre, whilst inside the production team scurried and scrambled like mad to piece together stage, sound, and screens to make sure all was in place and to deliver an outstanding, seamless show.

Standing ovation after standing ovation rang out through the 2200 seat capacity theatre and everyone walked away touched, moved and inspired.

Anthony Robbins ‘Date With Destiny’

This is one of my top three favourite events ever, which I’ve attended twice and also crewed twice on AV production.

Mo Latin on video capture at Anthony Robbins ‘Date With Destiny’ on the Australian Gold Coast 2009

A strange thing happened when taking this picture – click here…

The event is produced by Stanco Productions which is run by Stan Nickens, and is one of the worlds top event production companies.

At the ‘Date With Destiny’ event in April 2009 my role on the production stage was video clips capture, which involves capturing the event highlights as they happen, to be edited into a video shown on the last day as a reminder of all the key moments of the 5 and a half day seminar.

Below is the resulting video from the event (it’s a 13 minute video so will take a few seconds to load), and the picture you see is the view from my position on the production stage…