YouTube Video In 15 Minutes

‘How To Easily Create Your Own YouTube Channel…
and Publish New Video Content In Just 15 Mins A Day’

The ‘Super Easy product Formula’ 7 module series with 60 minutes of video tutorials showing you step by step how to

Plan your video content
Shoot a short video
Edit your video clip
Add titles
Add fades
Save and export your video
Set up your own YouTube channel
Upload your finished video direct to your YouTube channel

SuperEasyAV Video Creation Process 1 – 8m 18s

SuperEasyAV Video Creation Process 2 – 9m 45s

SuperEasyProductFormula – Your ‘1 Minute Video Tip’ – 8m 15s

SuperEasyAV Basic Video Editing 1 – 11m 03s

SuperEasyAV Basic Video Editing 2 – 7m 15s

SuperEasyAV Basic Video Editing 3 – 13m 15s

SuperEasyProductFormula ‘How To Create Your Own YouTube Channel’ – 10m 55s
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