The AVPro: Mo Latin

The Bullet Points…

  • Freelance Qualified Sound Engineer and Music Producer since 1992
  • Qualified and Experienced NVQ Trainer/Assessor D32/33 in the Music Industry since 1995
  • Live Event Production Specialising in Personal Development & Entrepreneurial Events since 2005
  • Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy 2006
  • Practitioner in Time Line Therapy 2005
  • Anthony Robbins ‘Mastery University’ and ‘Leadership Academy’ Graduate 2005
  • Trained in Life Coaching at ‘The Coaching Academy’ 2005
  • Qualified ‘CELTA’ Teacher (Teaching English to non- English speakers) 2005

The Story…

I joined the music industry at the age of 17, working in London music shops and studios for around five or six years, with a few odd jobs in between. I then found a two year sound engineering course which I joined…and loved…and left to become a freelance sound engineer. I worked in London studios and venues for around 15 years – running sound systems, and also recording everything from hip-hop and funk, jazz and reggae, to heavy metal, world music and spoken word.

During that time (for around those last 10 years) I was also a college lecturer/qualifications assessor in sound engineering and music technology at a major London studio complex, and one at of the UK’s largest music industry independent training colleges.

In October 2004 I walked on fire! Literally! And a new chapter began…

My girlfriend at the time was studying to be a life coach and came home all enthusiastic about a seminar she had been given a ticket to with some guy called Anthony Robbins, the ‘world’s top performance coach’. I wasn’t really listening to her until she said ‘and everyone walks on fire’… At that moment I knew I had to go walk on fire too. I didn’t know exactly why at the time, I just knew it would be symbolic somehow and allow me to break through some longstanding life challenges. So I bought a ticket…. and I walked…

I have had a fantastic, accelerated journey into a new way of life since that weekend. I have learned and experienced things since that I would never have imagined five years ago.

Since 2004 I have invested a great deal of time and money in my own education (school just got in the way of my education!) studying everything from basic physical health, diet and fitness, to communication and personal development….from Life Coaching, NLP, hypnosis and Time line therapy through to Internet marketing, copywriting and business studies….from Quantum physics and creating my ideal life through manifestation…through to martial arts, meditation and spirituality…

Plus, since my offline business specialises in AudioVisual Production for personal development, entrepreneur and internet marketing events, I get paid time after time to listen to some of the worlds most successful people… And I’ve learned a thing or two!

I have travelled to many countries, learnt life changing skills from the Masters, and now live life at a whole new level, with incredible new opportunities and an ever-growing group of amazing, forward thinking, empowering friends and peers in the global community.

I am fitter and healthier in mind, body and spirit than I’ve ever been, and happier too. And I am now about to reap the financial benefits too of my investments of time, money and effort a thousand times over…an area of life I have always neglected until now.

Since leaving the music industry, I have used the skills and experience gained there to grow other areas of business. I have run seminar and event audio/video production and recording/product development for a number of companies and individuals internationally since 2005…